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ShoppingBoss provides members with an average of 5.4% in instant cash back when used to make purchases at over 250 national retailers, restaurants and travel brands representing over 125,000 locations across the United States. Most major brands participate including Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy, Macy's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee's, Panera Bread, Chili's, Delta, Carnival Cruise, and 100's more.

Cash back earned is in addition to any credit card rewards, coupons, sales or specials. The ShoppingBoss App can be used in stores and restaurants at the point of sale as well as for online purchases. Cash back earned can be redeemed by check request or used on future purchases. The ShoppingBoss App is free through the Apple Store or Google Play.

This program is available for use every day, on every purchase at any of our merchant partners' locations across the US. This is not a discount, coupon or rebate. This is instant cash when making purchases at any brand partner location!

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